Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Takes Over

Remember that sweet little bird mobile I made for sweet little Amos?Well his sweet little girlfriend, sweet little Elsa, needs one too.

I took all the bird mobile fixins to camp thinking, "Well, since I can't bring my sewing machine, maybe I'll FINALLY get to making that bird mobile."

So I set up craft camp one morning in the trunk. It worked pretty well, but other campy activities took over.

So I got back to it the last few days.

Here's a little, not-comprehensive tutorial.

So, you first need some fun papers and a little craft shape punch (or small die cutter). I went with birds, but you could do just about anything. I got my punch at Archivers, but they have them at Michael's and places like that.
Then you need something on which to hang your little birdies. I've gone through a few manifestations of this. I found the perfect thing when I was making Amos' - it was a charger target had during Easter and it could not have worked better.

This time around was a little trickier. I came across some sconces on clearance I thought would work. But they were square and that was bugging me, so I scrapped that idea.

So I kept looking and I found this handy wreath frame at Michael's.
I strung a few wires across the middle to give me more options for hanging.

And threw some green crafty paint on their to lighten things up a bit.
Next I had to find something to hold everything while I strung birdies. Enter Ikea drawers and big DSP bowl.
And I went to stringing. I use a needle and thread and put a knot each place I want a bird to sit.
Then I attach them randomly to the hanger.
And viola! It's really hard to get a good photograph without going through the trouble of hanging it, but you get the idea.

Hope Elsa likes it!


  1. I REALLY love the fact that you're awesome at everything-but let's be honest-It's becoming totally unfair.

  2. She does love it. And while I greatly appreciate the tutorial...I'd still rather have you do it in exchange for a beer or a mustards lunch here and there!!!

  3. i am totally inspired! thanks for the tutorial. i don't think you're ever too old for a mobile. i want one in every room.