Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sensing a theme?

It's sleep. Apparently I have sleep on the brain.
It's clearly because we're not getting much.

The room sharing extravaganza is going slightly better since yesterday's post-mayhem post. The night went beautifully, although we did have to rescue Boogie from a crib full of detritus this morning.

Now we pepper Eli with the same question every 7 minutes. It goes like this:

"Eli, what are you not going to do anymore?" (He knows it so well he needs no more prompting then that).

"I'm not going to put stuff in Amos' crib (pause) any moah."

We'll see.

And now, file this one in the "Poor Boogie" file.
Remember Eli's nursery?

Here's Amos' "nursery."

Poor Boogie. Boogie got a nook. A corner really.

But unlike the elder boy child, Amos' nook was handcrafted with love by him Mama.

It started with the birdies.
A birdie mobile for Amos.
Then, there was the search for the perfect fabrics with which to craft his little bedding. Kitty Robin liked them.

And I whipped up the sweetest little froggy and birds baby bedding. From. Scratch.

I used Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones which was very simple and turned out delightfully.

So, sorry Boggie. No sconce for you. No ambiance. No spiny sea urchin paint.

Just a tiny nook and some good old fashioned homesewn love.


  1. love it! thanks for directing me here...also love that your kitty sits on fabrics too. :)