Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eggstreme Eastering

The boys and I happened upon the Easter Bunny during our errands today. Normally I'm not really a fan of such characters - Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, Mascots. They give me the heebie jeebies. But I put on my big girl pants and let the boys go visit. And they loved it. Whew! That bunny wore him out!

So, we decided to keep the Easter party going with some good old fashioned egg dipping.
Now here's the thing. I'm all for family fun and memories and experiences. But "eek, don't touch the hot eggs!" and "no! you're hands don't go in the dye!" and "oooh!, try to put the eggs in gently!" and "hey, don't feed that to your brother!"

The whole operation was stressing me out! So, we got an egg in each cup and were done with it.

But once the boys went to bed...Mama had some fun! I found some stickers and went to it.
Batik-y! I love it!
And a starry one for Amos!

Mama likes.


  1. ahhh yes, the rewards and challenges of crafting with kids. dying eggs is on our agenda for today. somehow though, i'm not sure our finished product will be as beautiful as your precious personalized eggs!

  2. Cute blog, Jessa!

    I realized the other day why I didn't start *real* egg dyeing with Lucas until he was 3 years old. Throwing a 2 year old into the mix was crazy! (Though I still let Lucas do things his own way...)

    Your personalized eggs were awesome! I'm a real sucker for anything batik-y.