Saturday, August 18, 2012

One is Fun!

 Today this sweet little nugget turned one.

Wait. What?
I am a notorious over-doer of 1st birthdays. This was no exception. I was talking to someone who thought that was a waste because one-year-olds won't remember and can't really enjoy their first birthday. True. But I can.

And really, the first birthday to me is more of a celebration that holy cow, we all survived this first crazy year so here...have some cake.

And by 2 they have opinions so for the 1st birthdays, I'm in charge.
"On Parade" by Sara Jane Studios made the perfect theme for a wee baby girl's first birthday party. The talented Sunny B embroidered it on Hazel's birthday bloomers.

Perfection LL. Pure perfection.

Hazel had a blast with her wee baby friends who were there. And the boys had plenty of older siblings to play with.
That one there is Maisey Hayes. They are destined to be besties. I mean Hazey Mae and Maisey Hayes? Can't fight it. 


The brothers had fun too. Crafts, bouncy castle, diggers? Yes please.

That's one of my favorite shots of the day. It was a gorgeous day for a front yard party and a grand time was had by all.

Her little elephant cake makes me so happy. Got the idea for it on pintrest. Here's the source

Eric and I hypothosized early in the day that Hazel would go after her first birthday cake with the most zeal of any of our children. 
 We were not wrong. 

 Yes. Hazel had a wardrobe change mid-party. Diva.

 Her favorite spot of the day was under her rolling highchair. Nice n' shady.

Here are the boys on their first birthdays!:
                                 Amos.                                                                Eli (a.k.a. the boy Hazel)
We are filled, nay, overflowing with joy.
We leave you with a birthday kiss from Hazel.
The one year old.

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  1. oh geez, so much unbearable cuteness in one sitting! thank you for sharing!

    and happy birthday, hazel! you are a little peach!

    love the pinafore, diva clothing changes, cake eating, and general festivities, jessa! hope you all had the best time!