Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wowee for 3!

Today we celebrated the 3rd birthday of Amos the Great!

 A for Awesome? I think so.

We got our party pants on and went over to the local rec center. They offer gymnastic parties in their fantastic facility. 

 Best. Idea. Ever.

Amos - well everyone - had a total blast jumping and bounding and balancing and diving and flipping and flying.

Did I mention flying? They have this thing called the flying machine. So. Much. Fun!

Birthday Boys get two turns. He couldn't stop giggling. Neither could we.

 Aw Charlie.

"It's not my party but I'll cry if I want to."
 Everybody got in a circle and sang him happy birthday. He was so sheepish and cute.

 Then we moved up to the party room for more singing and Amos' most favorite part! The Mater Cake!
The gymnastics party was loosely monster themed, but Amos picked out this cake long ago in the target bakery and was beside himself with excitement. As soon as we got to the tables he requested to get the singing started. This boy doesn't tarry when there's cake on the line. 
It only took me 6 birthdays to figure out that cupcakes are the way to go. No cutting. No plates. Just pass and go. Only cupcakes from now on ever.
Neither Hazel nor Amos made it home awake. They're both still passed out. Amos right beside me and Hazel in her bed. What a fun week of celebrating two of the most magical kiddos ever. We are bursting with love.

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