Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Baby

 We took all 3 kiddos to see Santa on Saturday. 

This is remarkable for a number of reasons:
1) Nobody Cried. 
2) When I say nobody, I mean not even me. The whole Santa thing used to freak me out. Like, what's your motivation here? Why do you wanna dress up and have kids sit on your lap? Creepy. But now I just find it entertaining to see my kids so excited, so I'm over it.
3) We went to the fancy downtown street to see the very lovely Clauses, Mr. and Mrs. We go to this location because it's free and you take your own photos. The remarkable part: there was no line. Just one family in front of us and then we were in. 
4)The family in front of us had triplets. No matter what, triplets....always remarkable. 
Eli insisted on wearing his Santa hat AND BEARD. And when we got there Santa scooted over on his bench to make room for Eli Claus and exclaimed, "We're twins!" Eli loves being twins. With anybody. 

 Hazel was not phased. Bless that girl. 

 Amos, good middle child that he is, was the funniest. 
He cut his eyes suspiciously and sat in his spot but WOULD NOT look at Santa. 

 And grinned like a polecat. 
Then when Santa offered up a highfive, Amos did the chicken dance. 

Chicken dance. The clear choice in such a scenario. 

I love these little cuties, and I hope they get all their Christmas wishes. 


  1. I would love to have been there to see your kids hang out with Santa. I bet Santa went home and told the story of Eli showing up in full Santa regalia.

  2. priceless! eli and amos are a riot!