Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feeling Thankful

Shew. The last few days have been a blur. Hazel and I flew to South Carolina to celebrate dear Uncle Pete. It was a beautiful weekend of stories and laughter and tears and love. We saw so many beloved family members and watched and listened and smiled as Pete was remembered so lovingly.

Then yesterday - Halloween - we flew home. I landed at DIA at 4:30 and caught up with Eric and both our moms at their gate where they were waiting to board their flight to Frankfurt before their flight to Venice. 

That's right. We were two ships passing in the airport before he left for 10 days for Italy. With Yaya. 

Whose idea was that? 
Oh right. Mine.

So today I'm on my own with all three kiddos for the first time (for the next 10 days), and you know what I'm feeling (besides tired and a little trepidatious?)? 

It's serendipitous then that I'm feeling so thankful and that today is November 1st - The first day of our Thankful Tree. 

Each November we bring out the Thankful Tree. And everyday we write down something we're thankful for and tuck it into that day's leaf. 

In today's leaf:
We're so thankful Hazel Mae has come to join our family!

I'm sure we'll get to monster trucks before the month is out. 

If you'd like to see how we made our Thankful Tree, click here to last year's post about it.

Oh...and hi dear reader. I'm thankful for you. 

Vegan Mother Hubbard is all about thankfulness this month. I linked this post up to get in on the thankful action:

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  1. I bookmarked your post on the Thankful Tree. I love the idea so much, I'm going to make it for next year. I'm doing a daily series on giving thanks this month. I would love it if you linked up, so my readers could see your post, too.