Thursday, November 10, 2011

Embrace the Tubfull

I remember the first time I snuck Amos into the bath with Eli. Amos was like three months, so...slightly older than Hazey is now. And he was not pleased. He was all squirmy and mad and awkward. And we didn't do a brother bath again until he could sit unassisted. 
Hazel, however, loves it in there. 

She is not remotely phased by the two naked, slippery, kidlets telling secrets behind her head. 

Is there water? 
She's game. 

In other very exciting news...
The fella and The Moms are flying home from Italy today. Which means: I survived 10 days alone with my three children. Now there's something to celebrate. Read back to yesterday's post if you missed Eric's guest blog from Rome. It was a sweet one. 

I'm posting this to Embrace the Camera. Scroll back up. I'm in there. :)

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  1. Super cute. I love seeing my girls take a bath together. I can't imagine keeping three under control, though!