Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh what a peek. That would be enough - that cute little face - to make a fun Peek of the Week. But the real news is...Amos got a Big Boy Do. 


 Holy Moly.

Good ol' Sandy, our go-to kid haircutting gal, gave me the confidence to go for it with Amos. I'm still too chicken to cut Eli's hair short. It's just so Bieberific. But Amos had a fro and it hasn't been working for him for a while. So the fella and I had decided on getting him a real Big Boy cut. And Sandy did a beautiful job. 

Even though it's crazy cute, I still burst into laughter every time I see him. But man I do love to kiss and snuggle his new bald little head.

So that was my Peek of the Week. 
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  1. He looks so GROWN!! And super adorable as always.

  2. You make some pretty, pretty children.

  3. So, so cute! He looks so much older now.

    Emma has a little rat tail of hair at the nape of her neck that my hubby keeps threatening to cut. I threaten him with much worse if he actually does it, haha!