Friday, July 6, 2012

Peek of the Week - July 6, 2012

What's Peek of the Week you ask? It's our semi-regular Friday feature where we hear all about what cool things you other crafty families and blogging types have been up to. Tell us about your projects, finished or in-progress, a funny kid moment, a personal accomplishment or just something that made you smile.

Each week I'll get the ball rolling by sharing a Peek from our week and then invite you to do the same by linking up to your own post.

Today's Peek: Stop. Motion.

I did a few projects this week and I decided to record the process. See?
This little project has helped with my recent desire to restructure our days. Since we got back from our N.C. trip ideas have been flying through my head. Things I want to do with the kiddos, things I want to do myself and ways I want to structure our days and weeks. And I wanted a visual way to organize all that. So, I made the new calendar and put it in grand central station - our kitchen.

But being me - I couldn't just throw a whiteboard up there. I had to make it pretty.
A few things I mustache you to do? I mean come on.
I love that I did not spend a dollar to do this project. I already had a white board and all these sheets of vinyl decal material laying around. And I love that I finished it in less than a day. Can't tarry around here. Gotta make time.

And thennnnnnnnn,
I wanted to spruce up our very very ugly door for summer. I had a spring wreath on there with a background that said, "Spring has sprung. Breathe Deep." But it's 107 degrees outside. Spring has long since sprung.
Fun! Fabric scraps, modpodge, and a few canvasses and viola. This one took one whole naptime and that was it - and without taking a photo between every scrap you could get it done licketysplit. 

What are you doing for summer? Do share...
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