Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rain Dance

Not sure if you heard, but here in Colorado, we are on fire. Literally and figuratively.

The state is covered in wild fires. We have buddies in Colorado Springs who had to flee. She said she felt like she just robber her own home, leaving with just the hubby, the cats, the kid and the car. Thankfully they and their home made it through, which is not true for so many families. Our hearts go out.

And also, secondarily, it's just freakin' hot. 100+ nearly every day. This is not news, but I'm just saying.

So when the rare sprinkle comes down...
we're a little dumbfounded. 

And euphoric.

I'm actually relatively comfortable because the last time it was this hot I was about 100 years pregnant with Hazel. This summer feels cool compared to that.

But man I miss rain. We had lovely storms in North Carolina last month. And people are calling this "Monsoon Week" because rain is expected nearly every day. I'm no fool. I know that rain expected here rarely hits the ground. But for the sake of those in fire danger, we'll break into a rain dance at the slightest gathering of clouds.

Time to bust out the sprinkler!


  1. YES! The rain today was bea.u.ti.ful! I can't wait for a whole week of this.

  2. How cute! Keep on rain dancing!