Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watchin' Me-ee

 Hazel has a stalker. 

And he's got a lot to say.

When Hazel first arrived, Amos was on the fence. Or maybe it was denial. Ok, he went through the 5 stages of grief but I'm happy to report that he's arrived at acceptance. 

Eli, on the other hand, loved instantaneously and without limit. 

Amos took his time. He's no fool. He kept his distance until he could be sure she wasn't after Jelly. 

Now that he's certain the mouse is safe, he's making up for lost time. He can't get enough of her.  

There's just nothing better than hearing him speak of "Hacey Mae" in that sweet squeaky voice of his. 

You sure can feel the love.  

This girl can't get a moment's peace. 

But I don't think she minds.