Thursday, October 27, 2011

Embrace the Love Fest

Mornings are a big old snuggle fest around here. 
Everybody's sleepy and cuddly and in good moods. Especially on days where we have a loose schedule, we find we can just snuggle the morning away.
Dizzy missed out on this love fest since he was at church with Dad.
But Haze and Amos and I had a lovely time just gazing upon each other.

Hazel loves hand-me-down jammies from her big brothers. 

Can't get enough.

Come back tomorrow for another fun Halloween Peek of the Week.
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  1. I truly cannot get enough of your blog...your photos are precious and I so appreciate the realness in your words.

    I wish I could leave a big ol' basket of baked goods on your doorstep to thank you for making my life happier!

  2. I just found you blog today, and it has already put a giant grin on my face. Your family is adorable. I can't wait to read more. Yay for Embrace the Camera!

  3. Such sweet sweet pictures. happy i stumbled upon your blog it's so adorable!