Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sewing for Self!

So, yesterday I found myself with a Friday with nothing on the to-do list. Boys in school, just me and Haze chillin' at the house. 

And as enticing as, "laying around on my keister and doing nothing all day" sounds, it's always a bit of a let down and I usually get a headache and the guilt. So I wanted to do something, but nothing too productive. 

And it occurred to unlikely as this sounds... I kinda need a purse. Despite the fact that I have tens of them, none of them is just right. So I cracked open the big book of purses, Style Stiches by Amy Butler and went to work with a yummy chevron that's been itching for a purpose. 

And viola:

I am super excited. 

This is the most structured bag I have ever made. It might be kinda nice to depart from the boho hobo look for a bit. 


It's got two dividing pockets inside (one zippered) making five separate compartments. I even had the forethought to add to pockets on the side for my celly and keys. I love pocketry!

Now, I'm off to transfer purses! Don't you love doing that when you have a new bag? I do! But I made it wait so I could blog about it first. You're welcome! :)

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  1. I freaking love this purse!! Like super love it. I hate that I want to sew everything I see and my sewing maching is 5000 miles away. :(