Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fitting the Venue

Hi friends.
Today I have a post for you.
And to beat that, it's about something that is actually Home Sewn. And yes...happily.
How's that for fitting the venue?

I'm calling this dress the Vanessa, because my friend, yup, Vanessa, taught me how to make these using a men's button down shirt. She is also a Mama who sews and she has a lovely blog and delightful etsy shop. Check her out!

I had a sewing night at my house a few weeks ago where everyone brought their own project and we all got crafty together. It was great. Except Vanessa didn't get to work on her project because I monopolized her, holding her hostage and forcing her to teach me how to make one of these sweet little dresses she has made for her daughter.

So, Eric provided me with a shirt that was his Dad's (which made it extra special) and we went to work. It's so easy and fun to make and easy to wear! Well done Vanessa!
Then, two weeks ago I spent 8 days of lounging and crafty at the home of my bestie (it was miraculous) I whipped up two others. This one with the bee, also made from Hazel's grandpa's shirt. It makes me smile every time she wears it and I think he would've loved it.
And this sweet little green beauty was made from some super soft silky cotton that my fella brought home for me from his trip to Oxford. He bought it in a stuffy London fabric shop and I have been saving it since before Hazel was even a glimmer. It was perfect for this project and it so cute and yummy.

So, so far in 2013 I'm averaging one post a month. So, it could be a 12 post year, but things could pick up. Who's to say. Check back. Be well!

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