Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pop Art

Remember back when you just had one kid or even two and you had the time and attention span and forward thought enough to plan elaborate craft projects for yourself and for your kiddos and how amazing you thought you were and how all the other moms secretly hated you?

Well those days are clearly gone. Now I have mom-guilt for not engaging everybody in as many projects as I used to and now when we get into a project it's on the fly and we usually have to wing it with the wrong supplies and ingredients. 

And whereas I used to come up with all creative projects myself now I can't even remember to put on my pants unless somebody on Pintrest did it first. 

All that to say, crafts in the 3 child household happen a little differently, but they're happening, 
none the less. Ok, maybe a bit the less.
Exhibit A: 
Bubble painting.

Yes these were the wrong ingredients and the end result:

was cool but not amazing. But Amos love love loved the process and we all engaged in a crafty moment and that is something to celebrate.

Also something to celebrate: Hazel who has been barfing (on to me) for 24 hours is asleep and the boys are playing happily outside. The non-engaged moment is also an important part of the 3 child home. Believe it.

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